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Groups together information on commonly treated knee conditions. Anterior Cruciate Ligament reconstruction (ACL reconstruction); knee cartilage damage (meniscal tears); knee osteoarthritis (Knee OA); kneecap stabilisation (patella stabilisation, MPFL reconstruction, trochleoplasty); partial joint replacement (unicondylar/unicompartmental knee replacement, UKR, PFJR); total knee replacement (TKR, TKA); robotic surgery.


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Conditions Treated

Below are examples of common knee conditions successfully treated. If you don't see your own condition listed please contact the team for specific information. 


ACL reconstruction

The Anterior Cruciate Ligament is an important knee stabiliser but is often torn. Reconstruction may be necessary to restore stability and function.     


Meniscal Injury

These commonly injured knee cartilages are a potent source of discomfort. However, successful treatment does not always require surgery...

Knee arthritis

With so many treatments marketed to treat this very common condition it is difficult to know where to start. Allow us to guide you through the options...

Cartilage Injury

Healthy knee cartilage is vital to smooth knee function. Once damaged this can be very difficult to restore. However, cartilage restoration treatments can offer some hope.       


Kneecap instability

Kneecap dislocation can be a recurring problem. Keeping the patella in place requires a careful analysis of the underlying causes of instability. Surgery can offer lasting relief.         

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Joint replacement

No longer the dreaded procedure of old, technological aids and modern anaesthetic techniques together with tailored replacement options have greatly improved the patient experience.

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