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This page describes the personal philosophy of Orthopaedic Surgeon Sam Oussedik, what drives his practice and how he can offer his patients the best care available. 


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Personal Philosophy


Tailoring bespoke treatment to your needs...

Many of us take our ability to use our bodies for granted until they no longer allow us to do the things that make life enjoyable. In more extreme cases, simply taking weight on an injured limb may be a challenge too far. Helping you along the journey from injury and disfunction to a healthy recovery forms the basis of my work.

There are often very simple, non-surgical interventions that may improve symptoms and function. Making the right diagnosis is key to unlocking these treatment modalities. Getting to know you and your symptoms provides the information required to understand both your condition and your aspirations. I use the latest techniques in imaging, allied to and informed by accurate examination of the injured joint, to arrive at the correct diagnosis. 

If surgery is required, then my expertise in all forms of knee surgery allows the treatment to be tailored to the individual patient's needs. This includes ligament reconstruction, such as anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction; multiligament knee reconstruction, meniscal surgery; cartilage surgery including cartilage restoration treatments; joint preservation through osteotomy; patellofemoral stabilisation (kneecap stabilisation) including trochleoplasty; partial joint replacement; total joint replacement; navigation and robot-assisted joint replacement. 

Working in London's finest hospitals with the best anaesthetists, I ensure that the entire process is as comfortable as possible, throughout your journey to restored function.



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